Services – Conscious Coaching

Our Conscious Coaching solution comprises three programs:
  1. Conscious Leadership
  2. Adaptive Leadership – Leader as Coach
  3. Call a Coach


Conscious Leadership

The workspace is a challenging world of exponential change, well described by VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity). Adaptive responses to these challenges occur when:

  • Vision offsets volatility
  • Understanding eases uncertainty
  • Conscious strategies help manage complexity
  • Centering allows being grounded amidst ambiguity

We work co-creatively with clients to develop Conscious Leadership in organizations – helping their people to identify needs, wants and resistances, and to focus them on potentials and possibilities.

The Conscious Leadership coaching axiom is an integrated approach. Our model considers the inner and outer world of the individual and the interior and exterior dimensions of the groups they participate in. Conscious Leadership coaching is done in an aware environment of trust, where executives can safely explore alternative ways of behaving with no risk to their professional well-being.

Conscious Leadership coaching is available to all levels of leadership in organizations as well as to individuals seeking to evolve and develop on their own steam.


Adaptive Leadership – Leader as Coach

Organizations tend to treat adaptive challenges like technical problems. As leadership roles expand in organizations, increasingly what is achieved is done with and through others. There is greater reliance on personal and inter-personal skills to get results, which means managing performance, giving feedback, confronting issues, dealing with conflict and so on. The challenge lies in balancing external factors – strategies, priorities, results – with an understanding of internal factors – values, purpose, self-awareness.

Our Adaptive Leadership – Leader as Coach solution helps organizations build internal coaching and mentoring capability and creates the ability to deal with teams and individuals by enabling the individual (Leader Coach) to:

  • Enhance and improve team and leadership good will and performance
  • Create a culture of greater ownership, efficiency, diversity and inclusion
  • Emerge from keeping the focus primarily on behavioral issues
  • Delegate and develop others


Call a Coach

Organizations take steps to provide employees with a nurturing and vibrant work environment and equip them with systems and tools to handle challenges and build robust personal development roadmaps. In spite of this, individuals find the need for objective and personal support and guidance. This may be for minor problems, or larger, more threatening issues – at work or outside. They would be well served by consulting a coach who is qualified to interpret and help deal with the situation. However, most individuals either do not know how to locate a coach, are hard pressed to find time to set up/attend sessions or do not want to admit needing professional advice.

Our Call a Coach solution enables organizations to provide employees with the ability to easily schedule telephonic or Skype sessions with a panel of coaches available through the week, and with the commitment of confidentiality. The coaches are empaneled with Conscious Development℠, and will be aligned to the client organization’s culture, vision, and challenges.