Foundations in Polarity Thinking: A 1-Day Practice Workshop

Why attend?

Today’s businesses operate in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) environment, oftentimes making critical decisions in order to survive, while painfully learning how to deal with change. And yet, they all have a shared experience of hitting the same issue they tried to avoid before, thinking they had ‘solved it.’

Problems that arise in such environments are not solved by adopting an either/or approach. These “problems” actually show up as “polarities”. The way polarities are managed is very different from the way conventional problems are solved, and can make the difference in whether a business survives or thrives.

This workshop is for leaders, consultants, coaches and anyone facilitating development of leaders, teams and organizations that want to find a new way to deal with challenging issues and dilemmas. By expanding awareness of “both/and” polarities, distinguishing these from “either/or” problems to solve, and leveraging the energy in these pairs of values, you can generate positive change for yourself, your clients, your team and your organization.

What are Polarities?
Polarities are inter-dependent pairs of values that create an unresolvable tension, AND create a synergy that can be leveraged for positive results.

Leaders, teams, and organizations that leverage polarities well outperform those that don’t, according to the business literature.

Polarity Thinking is a key leadership competency for 21st century leaders and organizations. It’s a tool that helps understand complexity and interpret day-to-day situations in way that enables us to be wiser leaders. The Polarity Thinking perspective enables leaders to embrace competing values and get the best of both opposites, while avoiding the limits of each.

What you will learn

• Understand how polarities work
• Distinguish between problems to solve and polarities to manage
• Interpret day-to-day issues in polarity terms, and enhance your capacity to move through change more efficiently
• Take away a highly practical tool-kit that you can immediately begin to use for yourself, with your team, and in your organization, in the service of both performance and development
• Address individual development and organizational development issues using Polarity Thinking tools. The polarity map and principles will be learned through explanation, exercises, and application.

Polarity Thinking is being used successfully and with great benefit in many organizations across countries

This workshop is delivered by Conscious DevelopmentSM in collaboration with Polarity Partnerships LLC, USA.

About Conscious Development
Conscious DevelopmentSM specializes in personal and organizational development. We collaborate with individuals and businesses, using high leverage interventions to create well integrated people and work cultures.

About Polarity Partnerships
Polarity Partnerships builds capacity in HR, OD and consulting professionals to deliver Polarity Thinking programs and services by integrating Polarity Thinking into existing client offerings or bringing new Polarity Thinking offerings to clients including services, programs, products and approaches.

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