Coaches and Leaders need to enhance their approach and practice in response to environments that are changing continuously. In a world of paradox, where there are no simple answers,leaders cannot afford to experience fixes that fail – they have to move beyond a simplistic view of ‘problems to be solved’ and ‘right solutions to be found’.

To help leaders be effective in a volatile and complex world, Coaches need to help them see the landscape differently.Conscious Coaching leverages the power of Polarity (also known as paradox or dilemma) to create a new paradigm: it views tensions or conflicts through the Polarity Lens to uncoverdynamic new perspectives.

Conscious Coaching with the Polarity Lens provides tools for leaders to make transformational breakthroughs – in their own decisions and responses,in enhancing individual and organizational performance, and in creating cultures that foster innovation and growth.

 The Polarity Approach for Continuity &TransformationTM has been created by Dr. Barry Johnson PhD.
See Bosco D’mello interview Dr. Barry Johnson about Polarities in Coaching during ICF Coaching Week Colloquium 2018

Workshop Outcomes:

You will learn how to leverage the Polarity Lens to enhance leadership coachingby:
1. Understanding what Polarities are and the effect they have on leaders and businesses.
2. Leveraging ICF Competencies through the Polarity Lens to enhance coaching effectiveness.*
3. Adding a quantum leap to leaders’ thinking by re-shaping how challenges can be explored.
4. Helpingleaders see invisible patterns that affect performance and derail change efforts.
5. Learning how to facilitate breakthroughs in leadership by lowering resistance and co-creating solutions.

*CCEU’s applied for

Workshop Structure & Support:

• Interactive and discussion-based, embodying theory and practice, integrating real-life scenarios.
• 2 days of classroom training, with coaching practice and feedback.
• 1 live Webinar with Dr. Barry Johnson PhD during the workshop
• 2 support Webinars, after the classroom training.

Who Should Attend:

• Practicing and aspiring Coaches.
• Leaders who wish to integrate a coaching stance in their leadership style.
• HR Professionals.
Limited participation on first-come first-served basis.

Workshop Fee:

INR 37,500+ 18% GST

To enquire about the Workshop, write to or call +919820071618

Workshop Faculty:

Bosco D’mello: With over 25 years of leadership experience as a corporate executive, consultant and entrepreneur, Bosco has worked closely with issues that leaders and organizations face. His work focusses on vertical development– helping build mind-sets capable of embracing change. Bosco is a certified practicing Coach, withan MSc. in Positive Organization Development & Change and has studied the Science of Coaching Psychology at Harvard University. He also holds a Diploma in Advertising & Marketing, a degree in Economics & Statistics, and is an Advanced Practitioner of the Polarity Approach for Continuity & TransformationTM

Workshop Faculty:

Anita Vasudeva: Coach and Consultant, Anita works with leaders to facilitate transformation in the context of purpose and desired outcomes. She focuses on Leadership, Personal Growth, Culture & Values, Diversity & Inclusion and Communication. With over 3 decades of experience, she has worked in and set up businesses across sectors. Her aim to mainstream gender into society led her to co-create Fleximoms and the Foundation for Working Women in India. An English Literature major and post-graduate in Social Communications Media, Anita completed a year-long program in Counselling with Tavistock University, London. She is an Erickson-certified Coach: her coaching is enhanced by programs in Appreciative Inquiry andNarrative Coaching. She is also an Advanced Practitioner ofthe Polarity Approach for Continuity & TransformationTM

Dr. Barry Johnson PhD will interact with participants via an Interactive Webinar during the workshop.

Coaches speak about Coaching with the Polarity Lens

“When I first came across the paradigm of Polarity and started to apply it in my coaching work, the first client with whom I used it, in a matter of 20 minutes said, “This is my whole life in front of me!”. She had never been able to see it in such a stark way before. And it created a big shift…” – Anil Grovor, Executive Coach

“A Polarity normally arises during a coaching conversation when a client is confused or in a dilemma, which reduces them into an un-resourceful state. Just becoming aware of the Polarity and seeing its effects helps clients become more resourceful. Net, net, a verypowerful coaching tool that meets all the ICF coaching competencies” – Ramesh Sreedharan, Executive Coach