Strategic Partnership

Conscious DevelopmentSM is introducing in India and the APAC region the Polarity Approach for Continuity and Transformation (PACTTM) – a process and tool for organizations to manage increasingly complex business challenges that inhibit growth and change.

Conscious DevelopmentSM is a strategic partner with Polarity Partnerships LLC, USA, originators of the PACTTM. This partnership enables us to provide comprehensive support throughout an engagement, working shoulder to shoulder with clients in designing and implementing approaches to address the challenges they face. We believe no one size fits all, so every intervention is bespoke and collaboratively built upon, with shared accountability. Our clients are thus able to sustain momentum after we leave, whether the focus is on leadership development, polarity thinking or large system change.

About Polarity Thinking

Most traditional organizational development and transformation approaches use various forms of Gap Analysis to diagnose issues and arrive at solutions to these issues. Gap Analysis usually leads to “either/or” and “from/to” thinking, and consequently, a search for the “one right answer”. This approach can unintentionally distort the picture of an organization’s realities, putting it on an unsustainable course and preventing it from achieving desired results, or worse still, putting it on a path of costly experimentation that yields no results.

This is where Polarity Thinking comes in. Polarity Thinking helps understand the distinction between ‘problems’ that can be solved and ‘polarities’ that need to be managed. Polarities are tensions that are on-going and can never be solved in the traditional sense. Because polarities are often mis-diagnosed as problems, organizations could spend valuable time and resources trying to solve them with traditional problem-solving skills, when in fact they are unsolvable.

The PACTTM Process

The Polarity Approach for Continuity and Transformation (PACTTM) is a 5 step process:
Step 1 – SEEING: See an Individual, Team or Organization and their Polarities More Completely
Step 2 – MAPPING: Create Assessment Ready Polarity Maps and a PACT™ Plan
Step 3 – ASSESSING: Assess How Well Key Polarities are Being Leveraged
Step 4 – LEARNING: Make Meaning of Assessment Results from Diverse Stakeholder Perspectives
Step 5 – LEVERAGING: Achieve the Greater Purpose of Each Polarity

Sample Polarity Map: Individual and Organizational Development

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