About Us – Principles & Approach

Our Purpose: To create a rhythm of deliberate evolution where the individual and the organization are authentic, thrive and evolve.

Our Principles

  • Development is an ongoing lifelong process
  • Deep awareness leads to the best life and work choices
  • Authenticity is critical for sustainability, growth and transparency
  • Inner life is real and has a tangible impact on the visible exterior
  • Responsibility is an essential and simple default process
  • Challenge and support go hand in hand
  • Conflict and crisis can be constructive
  • Responsibility is a shared accountability
  • Capability is directly related to capacity
  • Individuality and community are inter-dependent
  • Culture assessment is the litmus test of well-being

Our Approach

Our drive for evolving Conscious Development as a life strategy arises out of empathy and understanding for the human journey. Conscious Development works with:

  • Awareness of development stages
  • Aligning our inner being
  • Developing an inner lens and awareness of meaning-making and assumptions
  • Working with triggers that inhibit change
  • Drawing support from internal systems to support our external circumstances