About Us – Meet The Team

Conscious Development specializes in individual and organizational development. The core team has over four decades of rich corporate, consulting and entrepreneurial experience, working with organizations and individuals to find meaningful answers to personal, business and leadership challenges.

Our team of professionals have lived varied lives, experienced the spectrum of life’s highs and lows, felt the range and diversity of time and challenges, and supported their own development consciously and surely through cycles of transformation.

Bosco2-webBosco D’mello
Founder and Chief Executive

With over 25 years of real-world experience, having held leadership positions in Marketing, Business Strategy and Project Implementation, Bosco draws upon a reservoir of personal experience and is intimately familiar with tensions organizations and professionals face. Read more

Sudipta Dhruva

Sudipta Dhruva

Sudipta comes with 25+ years of corporate and entrepreneurial exposure, designing content and facilitating programs in Creative Thinking, Emotional Well-being, Diversity & Inclusion and Mindful Storytelling. She is an accomplished marketeer and organizer, and has also consulted with NGOs, developed curricula Read more


Cliff Kayser
VP, Polarity Partnerships, USA

Cliff brings 20 years of experience in organization development, leadership coaching, and training to his role of Vice President, Mastery and Coaching Programs at Polarity Partnerships. He conducts training in Polarity Coaching for the Advanced Coaching Certificate Program Read more

Margot Esther Borden

Margot Esther Borden
Integral Perspectives, USA

Margot has a unique perception of human nature and consciousness that brings new meaning and depth to individuals and organizations. Her 30 years of research and practice in Integral Psychology, Margot has observed that above and beyond all human drives is the drive Read more

Lesli DePolLeslie DePol
CEO, Polarity Partnerships, USA

Leslie DePol has 20+ years of experience partnering with others in the development and execution ofinnovative strategies to engage and align people, processes, structures, and systems with Read more

Jen Hillman
Jen Hillman
PCC, Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, USA

Jen has over 20 years of professional experience including 13 years of engineering research and management.  Her passion is helping clients to build solid relationship and communication skills to complement their technical skills. How we are being, is equally important Read more

Below are some of the clients our core team has worked with during our combined professional experience of over 50 years.