About Us – Conscious Development

We are living longer, and are clearly more inclined to visible and aware choices, including a diversity in life and work. It is a time to think, yet again, about our purpose as people, communities and societies. It is a time, as Swami Vivekananda said, to nurture “enlightened self interest” where development of self supports the growth and well being of the other.

A great deal of our time goes into managing the external image, and we either pay little attention to or struggle with our internal self. We need to develop keen awareness that will allow us to use an internal operating system, and to  run, manage and upgrade it to suit our needs, rather than be at the mercy of who we become as a process of default.

Why Conscious Development? Because a mindful state can allow us to grow with choice, and with a preference for the good and efficiency of the individual as well as the community. Conscious Development – because it is an authentic and inclusive process of integration that can start at the level of the organization, team, family or individual. With the right environment of support and challenge, it will bring forth a state of inner prosperity.

What is Conscious Development

Conscious Development is a guiding principle, an internal operating system. It is a credo for living responsibly and authentically; with an attitude of awareness towards life choices, decisions and a way of being.

Conscious Development weaves together many domains – adult development, evolution and transformation – that enable individuals to have more power than the circumstances around them. Deliberate and mindful, empowered to hold our own perspective even as we include others harmoniously, the practice of Conscious Development allows individuals and organizations to build the ability to develop a deeper insight, and progress with purposeful clarity.

Conscious Development involves an authentic exploration of self – enabling us to hold our purpose within our characteristics and capabilities. It is the building of an ability to deal with life challenges with an inner dexterity and equanimity, along with being able to fulfill our responsibilities with efficiency and grace.

What Conscious Development is not

Getting training or upskilling (acquiring new tools) is not Conscious Development. There is a distinction between informational learning such as acquiring a new skill or capability, and transformational learning – consciously developing a new way of looking at the world. Informational learning is useful no doubt, but limited. It provides tools to do things better, but that is mere tinkering with the existing system to achieve incremental results.

Transformational learning is a quantum shift towards true development. It is not about in-system improvements, but re-invention by changing the operating system to one with far greater capacity, where you acquire a higher order mindset to open up new possibilities and direct your life with greater sophistication.